Dumond TPK01 Complete Paint Removal Test Kit, 16 oz, Pail

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When homeowners need to find a paint stripper to renovate their building, they face a challenge. How does one go about choosing a paint remover that is tough enough for the job at hand, while being safe enough to use on and in their own homes Dumond? Chemicals fields numerous inquiries on just this very issue. Each paint removal job comes with its own specific set of challenges, so finding the best safe and environmentally friendly paint remover is no easy task. That's why Dumond? Chemicals offers the complete paint removal test kit. Whether you need lead-based paint stripper or simply need safe, non-toxic paint removal for your home, Dumond? has the solution for you. Featuring 16 oz sample sizes of Peel Away? 1 (including Dumond? Laminated Paper) and two Smart Strip products (Smart Strip and Smart Strip PRO). The complete paint removal test kit has everything you need to test different product offerings to determine the right paint remover to meet your needs. This comprehensive line of paint remover samples includes biodegradable and environmentally friendly paint removers. Not only that, but they are effective at stripping paint from a wide variety of surfaces such as wood, metal, concrete, plaster, brick, stone and plastics. With the complete paint removal test kit, you can rest assured that you will be able to find the right paint remover for your specific project. About 90% of all chemical paint removal jobs can be handled by one of the paint stripper samples featured in the complete paint removal test kit. The detailed instructions included with each kit take you step-by-step through the process of determining the perfect paint remover for your specific project. Also, all paint stripper samples are non-toxic, environmentally friendly paint removers, so not only will you achieve great results, but you can have peace of mind knowing that your use of these green products will be safe for your home and your family.

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