Chick Days are here!

It's Chick Time! At Paris Farmers Union

Paris Farmers Union is holding two pick up events in our retail locations in 2019 for day-old chicks, turkeys, ducks, geese, and guinea hens!

How it works:

  • Pick up a 2019 Chick Order Form in any of our retail locations, or download it from the link above!
  • Fill out which breeds you want to order, making sure to specify which order period you wish to pick them up in, and which of our retail stores you wish to pick your day old birds up at! You must order 6 birds total, but they do NOT have to be all the same breed. You can mix and match however you want! (Please note, the blacked out breeds in the June pick up period are not available for that order period)
  • We will call you when the chicks arrive in the store! Please be ready to pick them up on the pick up event dates specified on the order form.
  • Return your order to your local Paris Farmers Union or you may email it to us at

  • The Order deadlines are as follows: 1st Order Deadline April 2nd 2019 for Pick up on May 2nd/3rd 2019. 2nd Order Deadline is May 6th 2019 for Pick up on June 6th/7th 2019

    Paris Farmers Union offers 16 breeds of Egg Legging Pullets, guaranteed sexed at 90% accuracy. We also offer meat birds and broilers, Turkeys, Ducks, Geese, and Guinea Hens! Please see below for descriptions of some of our more popular breeds. If you have any questions regarding the ordering process, please send us an email at or call us at 1-800-639-3603

    At Paris Farmers Union, our selection of poultry supplies includes everything from egg incubators to chicken feeders and waterers, to automatic egg tuners and chicken coops. Whether you're in need of heated pads, incubators, feeders or fountains, our wide selection of poultry supplies is sure to have exactly what you need to keep your chickens happy and healthy. We even have egg cartons for sale so you'll be ready when your hens start laying delicious eggs! Click on the links below to start shopping!

    Our Popular Breeds
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