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Builders’ Hardware Store

No matter what sort of builders’ hardware you're looking for, you'll find it here. Our selection includes wire goods, gate and shed hardware, hinges, braces, and hasps for sale at prices you won't balk at. Here you'll find everything from routine fasteners to specialized builders' hardware for any job. Buy builder hardware from Paris Farmer's Union for the best hardware at the best prices.

The Best in Specialized Builders’ Hardware

Find builders’ hardware including parts for gates and sheds, wire goods, hinges, braces, and hasps. Our Stanley 827758 Gravity Gate Latch, Steel, Zinc Plated gives you self-latching action on gates or doors that outswing or inswing. We also carry Stanley extra-heavy-duty gate hinges, lag screws, and carriage bolts.

Mintcraft offers square bend screw hooks, such as the LR398 Square Bend Screw Hook, 1-7/8 in L, NO 110 Wire in Bright Zinc Plated, in longer and shorter lengths. Handy for hanging coffee mugs or car keys, this is a versatile wire product. We carry an extensive selection of Stanley hinges, including narrow utility, light duty, and others made of cold rolled steel.

Our full line of braces includes the Mintcraft FC-Z015-01 Flat Corner Brace, 1-1/2 in L x 3/8 in W, Zinc Plated that is rust resistant. Stanley offers corner braces for chests, screens, furniture, and windows. Mending plates and T-plates provide the reinforcement you need for joining wood. We carry zinc-plated as well as galvanized fixed-staple safety hasps that conceal the screws when locked. The Mintcraft BH-7013L Light-Duty Safety Hasp, 2-1/2 inches long, is attractive in satin brass.