Urban & Backyard Beekeeping Supplies

Beekeeping provides many benefits to the hobbyist or farmer as well as the environment. Beeswax and honey can be used as sustainable sweeteners and can also be used to make natural products like candles, cosmetics and polishes. Another benefit of beekeeping is that bee colonies provide built-in pollination services for crops. An ever-increasing number of farmers and hobbyists are exploring the practice of beekeeping to earn extra money and ensure adequate pollination of crops and gardens.

Paris Farmers Union carries instructional guides, beekeeping equipment, and urban and backyard beekeeping supplies for people who need bee farming equipment for business use, bee protection or for harvesting honey for personal use. We carry products made by Little Giant for both beginner and experienced beekeepers including everything needed to establish and nurture a colony or expand an existing bee farm.

Beekeeping is a growing hobby and alternative income stream for many. A regular-size colony can produce up to 100 pounds of honey per year! Browse our selection of beekeeping supplies and you'll find smokers to sedate the bees, honey frames, beehives, feeders, and protective gear like a beekeeper suit, veil and gloves. Bee farming equipment and instructions make it easy to perform the steps to build beehives, establish a colony, keep bees healthy, and harvest the honey and beeswax. If you have any questions about our beekeeping supplies and equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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