Poultry Feed - Chicken, Turkey & Chick Starter Feed

There are many different kinds of poultry feed available today. Some feeds are going to better suited for newly hatched chicks while others are going to satisfy the needs of fully-grown chickens and turkeys. Paris Farmers Union offers an extensive selection of poultry feed that provides the nutrient, vitamin and mineral needs of your animals depending on their age, living conditions and health status.

For newly hatched baby chicks, a chick starter feed is the only way to go. High in amino acids, high-protein chicken feed promotes healthy growth, skin and feathers by ensuring they are meeting their higher protein needs on a daily basis. We also offer medicated chicken feed that provides adequate levels of essential amino acids necessary for growth and reproduction while helping to prevent the onset of coccidiosis.

We offer a few varieties of turkey feed that are formulated to meet their specific needs and are ideal for wild turkeys, ruffed grouse and northern bobwhite quail. These game birds are naturally attracted to the cracked corn, whole wheat and oats that are a staple in most chicken scratch feeds. Browse our poultry feed options today, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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