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Hand Tool Sets for the Home, Mechanics & More

Maintaining a great yard and a strong, healthy home takes a lot of work. Keep up with routine home maintenance and be prepared to handle minor, unexpected fixes with a hand tool set. We offer several different household tool kits from a basic, 4 piece kit to a complete, 23 piece kit. Our basic hand tool sets feature the essentials every home owner should have including a hammer, measuring tape, screw driver and pliers. These tool sets make an ideal starter tool kit. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive tool kit, we offer 13 and 23 piece sets complete with a tool box for easy storage and organization. These tool kits come in an array of colors including a pink tool set for women.

If you fix vehicles for a living or as a hobby in your spare time, having the proper tools can mean the difference between a job done right and one that ends in frustration. Our mechanics tool sets are geared to the types of tasks you are likely to encounter and include all of the essential hand tools mechanics have come to depend on. Choose between a 70 piece or 170 piece tool kit.

Purchasing a hand tool set is a great way to start building your tool collection and will offer substantial cost savings compared to purchasing each tool individually. They also make wonderful gifts for first-time home owners!

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