Auto Body Repair Supplies

If your car could use a little body work, shop the selection of auto body putty, fillers, spreaders, primers, and undercoatings available at Paris Farmer's Union. We have all of the auto body supplies for sale that you might need.

Bondo products are well known for their use in fixing everything from minor scratches to serious dings and holes that mar the appearance of your vehicle. Bondo creams, liquids, and putties can all be used with other body fillers or Bondo products to make any do-it-yourself body repair go smoothly.

Creating a professional finish is simple with auto body primer like Easy Finish and Permatex undercoating. Use these spray-on products to prep any repaired area for painting after sanding down your fillers. Permatex also makes a rust treatment that turns damaged areas into paintable surfaces to eliminate unsightly brown or red spots.

To get everything required for repairs in one place, check out Bondo's complete auto body repair kits. Made specifically for fixing fiberglass frames, these kits are just what you need to spruce up the exterior of any damaged vehicle.

Buy fiberglass repair supplies and more today at Paris Farmer's Union.

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