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Harris Farms 1261 Poultry Waterer Nipples 4 Pack HARRIS FARMS 1261 POULTRY WATERING NIPPLES, 4 PACK

Allows you to create a custom sanitary watering system with PVC pipe or plastic containers. Features a 360 Degree stainless steel nipple-tip. Nipples are screwed into pipe or plastic container by drilling a 21/64" hole in the bottom.

Our Price: $4.49
Harris Farms 4225 Free Range Plastic Flip Top Poultry Feeder 20 inch HARRIS FARMS 4225 FREE RANGE PLASTIC FLIP TOP POULTRY FEEDER 20 INCH

Lightweight yet durable 20" long plastic feeder features an easy open snap-lock top for quick cleaning and refilling. Slotted top prevents loss of feed . Feeds approximately 25 chicks.

Our Price: $5.69
Happy Hen Poultry Coop Cups 14 ounce DURVET 089-17134 HAPPY HEN POULTRY COOP CUPS, 14 OUNCE, PACK OF 3

Happy Hen Treats Poultry Coop Cups are the perfect container to provide grit, oyster shell, treats, supplements, etc.

Our Price: $7.19
Harris Farms Free Range Plastic Poultry Drinker 5 quart HARRIS FARMS 4220 FREE RANGE PLASTIC POULTRY DRINKER 5 QUART

Easy-fill, easy-clean 5 Quart poultry drinker molded from long-life plastic with durable fountain. Features a twist-lock system and a hanger/carry-handle and accommodates up to 32 poultry or game chicks.

Our Price: $7.79
Lixit Farm Babies Baby Chick Feeder/Waterer 32oz LIXIT 0632 FARM BABIES BABY CHICK FEEDER/WATERER 32 OUNCE

One side of the Lixit Farm Babies Chick Feeder/Fountain with reversible base is for food; flip the base over and you have a waterer.

Our Price: $9.99
Lixit Combo Chicken Waterer/Feeder 64oz LIXIT 30-0636-006 CHICKEN FEEDER/WATERER COMBO 64 OUNCE

Chicken Feeder or Waterer has a reversible base. Use one side for food and the other side for water.

Our Price: $11.19
Harris Farms 4226  Free Range Hanging Poultry Feeder 7lb HARRIS FARMS 4226 FREE RANGE PLASTIC HANGING POULTRY FEEDER, GREEN/WHITE, 7 POUND

Made from long-life plastic, this open-top 7 lb. capacity feeder is designed for fast filling, easy cleaning and minimal waste of feed thanks to the no-scratch-out twist lock base. Feeds 5-15 birds.

Our Price: $11.69
Durvet Brite Tap Chicken Waterer Sun Cover DURVET 006-00410 BRITE TAP CHICKEN WATERER SUN COVER

Keeps outside of the britetap waterer clean and dirt free. Prevents algae from growing inside by shielding the interior. Attaches via velcro touch fasteners.

Our Price: $12.89

A truly remarkable fertilizer made entirely of squid. A highly concentrated liquid fertilizer intended to promote budding and blooming. Can be used for greenhouse and hydroponic systems and indoor and outdoor applications.

Our Price: $16.99
Sale Price: $12.95
Savings: $4.04
Lixit Combo Chicken Waterer/Feeder 128oz LIXIT 30-0637-005 CHICKEN FEEDER/WATERER COMBO 128 OUNCE

Chicken Feeder or Waterer has a reversible base. Use one side for food and the other side for water.

Our Price: $13.69
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