Pressure Cooker Gaskets & Sealing Rings

Need a rubber gasket for your pressure cooker? Searching for a pressure cooker replacement seal? Whether you’ve damaged the sealing ring on your pressure cooker, lost the gasket on your pressure canner, or it’s just time to replace worn components, Paris Farmers Union offers a complete selection of parts to keep your cooking and canning equipment working at its best.

Pressure canner sealing rings fit snuggly around the inside rim of the cover and forms a pressure-tight seal between the cover and body during use. Without a proper seal, building up pressure to the required level is going to be difficult, take longer, and will produce less-than-stellar results. We feature several different size pressure canner sealing rings ranging from as small as 2 ½ Quart all the way up to our largest, 21 Quart size ring. All of these sealing rings also have auto air vents, which allow excess steam to escape the cooker. We also offer sealing rings with overpressure plugs; overpressure plugs will automatically release steam if the vent pipe becomes clogged and excess pressure cannot be released normally.

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